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On this page you will find links to other sites that contain a great deal of
information about LNG and the dangers related to LNG. In addition, you
can click on and print off the Citizens Action List, Public Official Letter
and the LNG Petition.

The Citizens Action List contains valuable information such as things you
can do to fight against the proposed LNG facility and the addresses for
our public officials.

Print off the Public Official Letter or use it to create one of your own.
Make sure to include your signature as well as your address at the bottom
of the letter. Mail out to ALL the addresses found on the Citizens Action

Print off the LNG Petition and get your family, friends, neighbors and
co-workers to sign. The mail address is found at the bottom of the petition
and please return as soon as possible.

Links to other LNG-related information:

Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch Website

Green Futures Environmental Organization

Dr. James Fay's Report
"Possible LNG Hazards"

LNG Watch

Rhode Island for Safe Energy
(Our Friends in Rhode Island)

Attorney Tim Riley
LNG Info





Quick Links:

Citizens Action List

Public Official Letter

LNG Petition