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Fall River / Somerset LNG
Why Take The Risk?

The people in charge of Weaver’s Cove LNG and the
rest of the LNG industry would have you think that
LNG is so safe that it should be located in the middle
of a heavy populated area. They claim that LNG
facilities have an excellent track record. They tell us
that they will use the latest technology to make sure
the site is safe.

The Coalition for the Responsible Siting of LNG Facilities
has looked into the claims made by the LNG industry and
we have discovered that they have not told the whole
story. On this page you will find information dealing with
what has been said by scientific experts in the field,
political leaders, and others about the dangers of siting
LNG facilities in populated areas. Please look at this page
carefully and you will see that it makes no sense to site
such a potential hazard where thousands of people live.

LNG facilities have an excellent track record.


Just look at this track record, for starters:

We're updating this content on a regular basis, so be sure to come back to for more LNG blunders!



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More Facts
& Other
An official from Weaver’s Cove
recently told the Fall River City
Council ...

People Speak Out
Fall River Mayor Edward Lambert,
“the proposed site poses a
significant danger ...

Half Truths
The people from Weaver’s Cove
LNG would like you to believe ...

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