Fall River / Somerset LNG
Why Take The Risk?

The People Speak Out!

Fall River Mayor Edward Lambert, “the proposed site poses a significant danger to the citizens of
our city and LNG facilities the size and scope of this project simply do not belong in dense urban,
residential environments.”

State Representative David Sullivan, “Allowing the LNG facility to be built in this area would be forcing
residents to take a needless risk. The only alternative to this risk would be to move their homes and businesses,
an alternative not feasible to most.”

Congressman Barney Frank, “allowing the construction of LNG facilities in urban areas is at best reckless,
and at worst a disaster waiting to happen.”

Fall River Fire Chief Edward Dawson, “I’m looking at it from a public safety perspective, and I do not feel the
facility being proposed for the old Shell Oil site is in the best interest of the residents of the North End. The
potential is there and should an incident occur, there could possibly be a significant loss of life should it occur in
that area.”

James A. Fay, Professor emeritus Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “There’s no doubt that with a big
enough bomb you can blow a hole in the side of the vessel and the cargo will burn.”

Lillian Correia, President of the North End Neighborhood Association, “My concerns about this, number one, is
the safety of the people and the children.”

Ginny Hood of Somerset, “We’re right on the waterfront – we’d be the first ones to be killed if there was a fire
or an explosion. I hope and pray nothing will happen and we can fight this.”

Michelle Arpa of Fall River, “How can the federal government give these people (Weaver’s Cove LNG) the
OK, knowing how close it is to a residential area?”