Fall River / Somerset LNG
Why Take The Risk?

The people from Weaver’s Cove LNG would like you to believe that having a huge LNG storage tank
containing over 7 million cubic feet of the dangerous liquid in the middle of a residential neighborhood
is a great thing to have. They have promised to beautify the property by planting grass, flowers, and
shrubs. Do they believe that the people of Fall River and Somerset can be bought off by flowers? Do
they think that by planting a few shrubs we are willing to place our families in harms way?

Officials from Weaver’s Cove have told the citizens of the Fall River area half truths about the dangers of LNG.
A good example of this occurred July of 2003 when Jim Grasso, a spokesman for Weaver’s Cove, talked to the
Herald News about LNG. Mr. Grasso said, “It’s not combustible in liquid form.”

What Mr. Grasso did not mention is that if there is any human error or terrorist attack which causes a discharge
of the LNG liquid it rapidly turns into gas and it is in this form (gaseous) that the substance can be ignited. The
danger of a huge fire has been sited by numerous individuals.

Professor Jerry Havens of the University of Arkansas wrote an article where he discussed several scenarios for
an LNG fire. He stated, “In my judgment, a large pool fire – on water, and therefore uncontained – is of the
highest concern.” “Most predictions suggest that even the largest LNG tankers (typically more than 900 feet in
length) might be completely enveloped in a pool fire following a complete spill of a single 6.5 million gallon tank.
This raises questions about the vulnerability of the ship and the potential for additional releases. A typical LNG
tanker contains as many as five tanks with a combined capacity of 33 million gallons.”

Professor Havens went on to say that the LNG fire, once started, cannot be extinguished until the gas burns
itself out. No matter how many fire boats and fire trucks Weaver’s Cove is willing to give the city of Fall River,
they will do absolutely nothing to fight the fire.

Mr. Grasso calls LNG safe! Why didn’t Mr. Grasso tell the citizens about the above information?