Follow the Money

In politics there is an old saying, “follow the money”. What this means is that when you are trying to
discover how politically influential your opponent is with elected officials you one must first discover who
your opponent is donating to and how much, hence “follow the money”.

Weaver’s Cove Energy has now teamed up with Hess LNG and their legal representation is being
supplied by the law firm of Baker Botts, a huge law firm that is very involved in the energy field. They have
offices located in Houston, Dallas, Austin, New York, London, Washington D.C., Azerbaijan, Moscow, and
Saudi Arabia. Baker Botts was also the law firm that oversaw Bush’s legal efforts in the Florida election
controversy. In addition the Baker Botts law firm contributed $113,621 in 1999 – 2000 to then presidential
candidate George Bush. Baker Botts is also defending the Saudi Arabian government from lawsuits filed
by the families of 9/11 victims. Other clients include Halliburton, the company that Vice President Dick
Cheney was involved in, the infamous ENRON Corporation, and Reliant Energy which has James Baker
as a board director. Mr. Baker is a senior partner of Baker Botts and a consultant for ENRON.

This section will explore the money and the political power that Weaver’s Cove and Hess LNG has been
able to build up against the citizens of Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, and other communities in
Southeastern New England. As you can see from the above information there are certainly strong political
connections between these corporations. The following are donations made by attorneys that work for
Baker Botts to the two presidential candidates and the Democratic and Republican parties.

John Kerry For President -                  $38,350.00*

George W. Bush For President -         $66,272.00*

Democratic Committees                         $1,204.00*

Republican Committees                         $2,875.00*

In addition many other candidates have received donations from this powerful law firm:

John Edwards For President, Senator Hillary Clinton, James Oscar Davis for Congress, Joseph Maxwell
Cleland for U.S. Senate now Bush appointee, Kenneth Bentsen for U.S. Senate, Congressman Chris Van
Hollen, Rick Lazio, Wesley Clark for President, Howard Dean for President, Senator Charles Schumer,
Congressman Patrick Kennedy, John Sununu, Congress John Dingell,  etc. etc.*

Hess LNG is an offspring of Amerada Hess, one of the biggest oil companies in the world. Amerada Hess
has a different strategy when it comes to donations. While some employees have given to the Presidential
Campaigns it appears that they tend to give to the political parties directly. Find below the donations
made by Amerada Hess employees to either presidential candidate or some form of Republican
Committee or Democratic Committee.

John Kerry For President                        $500.00*

George Bush For President                 $4,000.00*

Democratic Committees                     $50,400.00*

Republican Committees                   $101,170.00*

As one can plainly see employees of Amerada Hess do have some political pull.

In addition other candidates have done well when it comes to Amerada Hess:

Senator Frank Lautenberg, Senator Charles Schumer, James Florio for Senate, Rick Lazio for Senate,
Senator Max Baucus, Congressman John Lafalce, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Senator Thomas
Daschle, Senator Patrick Leahy, etc. etc. *

As you can see these 2 companies have a good deal of influence when it comes to the politicians in
Washington D.C.

What about Jay Cashman, the owner of the land that Weaver’s Cove wants to turn into a LNG terminal?
Since Mr. Cashman’s business is based in Massachusetts let’s look at his and his wife’s, Christy Scott
Cashman, donations on the state level.

Jay Cashman donations to Massachusetts State Politicians            $17,000*
Christy Cashman donations to Massachusetts State Politicians        $6,000*

Mr. Cashman and his wife have been very active on the federal level when it comes to donating.

Jay Cashman Federal Contributions:                                 $120,000*
Christy Cashman Federal Contributions                              $17,000*

Some of the state officials that have received contributions from the Cashman’s are: Attorney General
Thomas Reilly, Lt. Governor Kerry Murphy Heally, Representative Stephen Tobin, State Treasurer Tim
Cahill, State Senator Michael Morrissey, Candidate for Governor Shannon O’Brien, Senate President
Robert Travaglini, Rep. Joseph R. Driscoll, Senate Ways and Means Chairwoman T. Murray, House Ways
and Means Chairman John Rogers, Governor Mitt Romney, etc. etc. etc. *

On the federal level here are some of the politicians that the Cashman’s have donated to:

Congressman Don Young of Alaska, Congressman Robert Menendez of N.J., Senator John Kerry of MA,
Congressman James Maloney of Conn., President George W. Bush, Senator Bob Graham of Florida,
Congressman David Bonior of Mich., Senator Edward Kennedy, most of the Massachusetts House
delegation, etc. etc. *

The Cashman’s have donated to Democratic and Republican party committees:

Republican        $14,000*
Democratic        $16,000*

(The money donated by the Cashman’s in this study does not account for employees that work for Mr.
Cashman who also donate to many politicians.)

* Sources for the above information come from the Federal Campaign Finance Office and the
Massachusetts Secretary of State Campaign Finance Office.

The Oil and Gas industry is extremely active when it comes to monetary support of our elected officials.
Members of the U.S. Senate Energy Committee have received more than $3.1 million from the electric and
natural gas industries since 1995. Senator Don Nickles received $340,000, Senator Jeff Bingaman
$290,000, Senator Conrad Burns $285,000 etc. etc.

In closing, it is very clear that the companies working to locate an LNG terminal in Fall River have a great
deal of political clout. Are our elected officials swayed by the millions that go into their campaign coffers?
For more information take a look at the “FERC Chairman” site on this web page.